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Aspiring Administrator Scholarship

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Thank you for your dedication to teaching and inspiring young minds. Have you considered expanding your impact and leadership? If so, The Colorado Association of Latino
Administrators and Superintendents (CO-ALAS) and Grand Canyon University are offering an Aspiring Administrator Scholarship to make it possible.

The CO-ALAS Aspiring Administrators Scholarship recipient will be awarded $5,000.00 towards a Master of Education in Educational Administration through Grand Canyon University. GCU offers convenient online programs that enable busy professionals like you to gain specialized training as you work towards earning your Master of Education in Educational Administration.

Eligibility and application process:
1. You must be a current dues-paying member of CO-ALAS to apply.
2. You must be accepted into Grand Canyon University with the goal of becoming a Superintendent.
3. Submit a 200-500-word essay on how an advanced degree will help you achieve your goals
and further the goals of CO-ALAS.
4. Submit your resume, brief biography and three letters of recommendation from past/
current supervisors and professors.
5. You must start your degree program with GCU in July 2023 or August 2023.
6. Complete the Scholarship Application Form and submit all documents to Jean Manning-Clark, University Development Counselor at by June 20, 2023, to be considered. You can reach Jean at  602-247-4971. Scholarship will be applied to your GCU tuition.

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