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4 Corners Leadership Academy

4 Corners Latinx Leadership Academy 2023/24
You can be part of this Leadership Academy!

Apply Now for the 2023/24 Cohort

Be part of Cohort #4

4 Corners Latinx Leadership Academy Schedule 

  • Leadership Session #2 - November 10/11 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Leadership Session #3 - February  2/3 - Phoenix, Arizona

  • Leadership Session #4 - April 19/120 - Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Graduation Session # 5 - June 7/ 8  - Salt Lake City, Utah

The 4 Corners Latinx Leadership Academy brings together leadership expertise from our four ALAS regional affiliates- AZALAS (Arizona), CO-ALAS (Colorado), ALAS de Nuevo México (New Mexico), and ALAS-U (Utah) to provide unique professional development in 4 leadership seminars (two days each) throughout the year.  A special graduation takes place at the end of the seminar sessions.  

The Academy seeks to develop Latinx leaders who aspire to move into executive district/organizational leadership, e.g., executive directors, assistant superintendents, chief officers, and others. 

4 Corner Latinx Leadership Academy Participants . . .

  • Find opportunities to disrupt/address the disparity of Latino/a aspiring leaders to gain support, advocacy, awareness, and leadership components integral to both site and district leadership positions.

  • Collaborate with the four corner states to enhance and provide value to aspiring leaders that have aspirations to be leaders at both site and district based positions.

  • Learn strategies, systems, structures, and processes needed to work at the executive level.

  • Receive mentoring, networking and guidance to connect specifically for leadership within the capacity of our four corner areas. 

Be a leader of change with  mission and commitment–be part of the 4 Corners Latinx Leadership Academy!

To be part of Cohort #4 of the Academy for 2023/24, please apply below:

Please Note: There is a selection process. For selected participants, there will be a $500 registration fee* (* Often school and/or district professional learning funds can be used.)

  • To be considered, applicants must complete the following

    • The  registration form (see link above), write a letter of interest,

    • Provide a resume, and  

    • Include 2-3 letters of recommendations.

  • Leadership sessions will occur quarterly, one in each region: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.  Note: All sessions are planned to be in person.  See the CO-ALAS website (  for tentative dates.

  • Commitment:  It is expected that selected candidates attend all scheduled sessions, providing their own means of travel. Lodging and meals will be provided at each leadership session. Participants will receive ongoing contact hour credit and copies of materials.

For more information contact Dr. Ron Cabrera,

4 Corners Latinx Leadership Academy Project Director.


Phone: 970.744.8293

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