April 2018 - Dr. Glenn McClain

Colorado Association of Latino/a Administrators and Superintendents

April 2018

Welcome to the CO ALAS Membership Spotlight.  Each month we introduce you to one of our many CO ALAS members. Let’s see what they are doing and what’s on their mind!

This month we are featuring Dr. Glenn McClain, Superintendent of the Platte Valley School District, Weld Re-7 in Kersey, CO.

Career Highlights & Education
Glenn holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Bible both from William Jennings Bryan College.  After several years of working for small private colleges in the southeast U.S. in admissions, marketing, financial aid, and enrollment management, he came west to Colorado.  He earned an MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  He then went to work at the Platte Valley School District in Kersey, Colorado.  He was hired as Business Services Director in 1991.  In 1998 the board appointed him as Assistant Superintendent and then in August of 1999 he became Superintendent of Schools.  Glenn has served on the Colorado Department of Education Financial Policies and Procedures committee for 6 years.  He is a member of CASE, CASBO, ASBO, and AASA.  Glenn also serves as the Colorado Local Educational Agency representative to the National Forum on Educational Statistics which is part of the National Center for Educational Statistics under the U.S. Department of Education.  He is a member of the NESAC committee, communication subcommittee, the Performance Indicators task force and was co-chair of the K-12 Data Model project.  Glenn has served as the chair of the Northern Colorado Superintendent's Council and past chair of the Colorado Association of School Executives Legislative Committee and the Colorado Commissioner of Education Superintendents Advisory Council. Glenn holds a doctorate in education from the University of Northern Colorado.  His dissertation topic is the Essential Technical and Leadership Skills For School Business Officials. Recently, Glenn has been adjunct faculty for the University of Northern Colorado in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department.

What is exciting about my job?
I have had the great privilege of serving the Platte Valley community for almost 27 years, the last 19 as superintendent. This is a fantastic community made up of great students, families, teachers and staff. It is exciting to see success of students over the years in a variety of ways. Seeing students succeed in school, graduate, then pursue college or work, often returning to our community and become parents and be involved in school or become one of our teachers. Seeing the community support over the years that has allowed to improve learning and student achievement and the educational environment (facilities) has been immensely gratifying. I enjoy attending our many school events where you see students thrive and success, but graduation day is one of the best. It is the culmination of years of effort and learning.

Advice you would give a new superintendent or school leader? 
Seek a position where you fit and a position and community that fits you. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to find a district and community that match your personality, beliefs, philosophy and skills. I once read that you should hold the superintendency with “loose hands”, meaning because the position has such high turnover and often the issues that can affect employment are elusive, you should not “grasp” at the position. I always state that “I serve” the students and community. I believe strongly in the concepts of public service and servant leadership. The district and the community don’t owe you anything. We are fortunate and blessed to earn the compensation and benefits of this job, so don’t ever approach the job with a demanding spirit.

If you catch me outside the office, you’ll find . . .
I love attending our Platte Valley events including athletics, music concerts, and all student activities. I thoroughly enjoy our graduation, it’s one of the best days of the year. The little time I’m not doing something involved at school, I like to read, cook and work in our yard which usually involves family. I am also very involved in our church and church leadership. We do enjoy traveling as a family. I can find something I like about almost any place but I really like it if there is a beach or water involved.

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