• Support aspiring and current Latino/a administrators and educational leaders.
  • Support aspiring and current Latino/a administrators and educational leaders.

Who we are.


CO-ALAS is a professional education association that advocates for the continued development and placement of Latino/Latina administrators who are committed to quality public education for all students.

We are committed to:

  • Promoting effective educational practices with Latino/ELL students, which also benefit all students
  • Collaborating with local, state and national educators to promote Latino/ELL student success
  • Providing career enhancement opportunities through professional development and mentoring

CO-ALAS members and supporters include:

  • School superintendents, administrators, teachers and support staff
  • Representatives from the Colorado Department of Education
  • Representatives from the Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents
  • Various educational publishers



Ron Cabrera, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent - Instructional Services & Equity
Boulder Valley School District


Bernadette Archuleta
Staffing Manager
Douglas County School District RE-1

Ben Martinez
Retired School & District Administrator


Elina Medina
Assistant Principal - Beach Court Elementary
Denver Public Schools


Jorge Robles
Executive Director - English Language Acquisition Department
Denver Public Schools

Past Chair

Jesús Escárcega
Director for Grants Department
Aurora Public Schools

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The mission of CO-ALAS is to support aspiring and current Latino/a administrators and educational leaders by promoting best practices, professional learning, communication and networking.


Effectively communicate our vision and mission.

  • Promote the organization to increase membership.
  • Work cooperatively with educational organizations to advocate for quality and equitable public education.
  • Provide regular updates about key educational issues
  • Increase support from corporate sponsors

Provide members with opportunities for professional learning by sharing best practices.

  • Create learning opportunities regarding effective school/district administration and leadership.
  • Promote learning opportunities on effective instructional practices.

Develop leadership capacity to increase the number of under-represented educational leaders.

  • Mentoring opportunities for members.
  • Networking opportunities for members.

Conferences & Events




 Association of Latino Administrators & Superintendents 14th Annual ALAS Education Summit (2017)
14th Annual ALAS Education Summit
October 11-14, 2017
Houston, Texas

Latina Leadership Network
Locations, Times, and Dates to be announced

Regional CO ALAS Social Events
Locations, Times, and Dates to be announced

CO Association of Latino/a Administrators & Superintendents
8th Annual CO ALAS Spring Conference
Boulder Valley School District
Saturday, April 15, 2017
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

3rd Annual Administrator Job Fair
Saturday, January 21st, 2017

CO ALAS Denver Public Schools Kickoff
November 1, 2016
El Chingon Mexican Bistro

ALAS Summit on Education, October 12-15, Philadelphia, PN.
The group from the four corner states (AZ, CO, NM, & UT).

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Colorado Association of Latino/a Administrators and Superintendents
October 2017

Welcome to the CO ALAS “Membership Spotlight.”  Each month we want to introduce you to one of our many CO ALAS members. Let’s see what they are doing and what’s on their mind.

This month we are featuring the Principal of Trevista at Horace Mann in the Denver Public Schools, Jesús Rodríguez.

What is your education background and what are some of your career highlights? I grew up a simultaneously bilingual and always excelled academically but tended to really struggle with engagement and behavior. Because of my travesuras, I barely graduated high school and didn’t know if I would go to college.

I attended the University of Northern Colorado and became the first in my family to graduate from a university in the US. After becoming a teacher, I later concurrently began a graduate program at the University of Colorado where I earned my Masters. I had an amazing experience as a teacher and exceeded expectations in terms of student outcomes each year.  As a teacher and graduate student, it became clear to me that I wanted to have a larger impact on improving educational outcomes and opportunities for more students so I began my principal certificate program at the University of Denver.  Afterwards, I stayed at DU and I began a doctoral program that I am scheduled to complete this year; during this time I also began my leadership journey at Trevista at Horace Mann. I am very proud to say that under my leadership, Trevista has moved from being in a state of turnaround on probation with the state and district to now meeting expectations.  We have been able to turn Trevista around through our innovation status, which has allowed for flexibility on how we maximize our people, time, and money. Our instructional leadership model has been a huge lever, too, developing a system of distributed leadership that allows for regular educator development and support.  I am very proud to have laid the foundation for a vision of excellence and distinction at our school!

What is so exciting about my job? The most exciting part of my job is that I get to work with an incredible group of educators who are strongly committed to our mission and vision to close opportunity gaps for students every day!  I get to support our staff to ensure our students are loved and safe, held to high expectations, and experience joy in learning.  We are part of a small anomaly in the turnaround school space and it is exciting to know that we are preparing more of our students to maximize their potential and achieve/pursue anything they are interested in!

Words from a consejeroA few words of wisdom from Superintendent of the Bellevue School District in Washington, Dr. Ivan Duran: Spend as much time as possible observing, asking questions, and listening.  All stakeholders want to share what is working and what is getting in their way.  These words resonate with me because we need to find a way to remove barriers for our stakeholders in the service of our students; it is key to our roles in ensuring educational equity for all students by giving teachers the tools/resources they need including development and time.

Advice you would give a new superintendent or school leader?  Each leader’s journey is different but I know with high certainty that we are all interested in doing our part to create a more equitable and socially just world for all students.  I know I am here by the grace of God and it is my honor and duty to positively impact the lives of as many young people as possible, as it is your duty.  In the words of the great boxing and social justice champion, Muhammad Ali, “don’t count the days, make the days count.”  You are too blessed to be stressed so work hard and celebrate your small wins while keeping your eye on the big win for students.  Be a champion!

If you catch me outside the office, you’ll find me . . . I am a doctoral candidate and I know my committee chair would expect me to say that you will find me in the library at the University of Denver working really hard on my research when outside of the office (and you would catch me there, too).  However, for the purposes of promoting self-care and wellness, I am going to say that you might find me at City Park Golf Course in Denver playing 18 holes in great company.

How does CO ALAS add value? Approximately 25% of U.S. K-12 students are Latino but only about 8% of teachers are. We know that it can often feel lonely because there are so few of us in the field. However, there are more of us than we sometimes know about and CO-ALAS is a great avenue to expand your professional network and find other Latino professionals to collaborate with, be mentored by, or offer mentorship to.  I have met so many great colleagues since joining in 2011 and am currently in the ALAS Superintendent Leadership Academy because of the local support and mentorship I have received through CO ALAS.  Join us!




National Organizations
ALAS – Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents
ALAS is the national association created for the purpose of identifying, recruiting, developing and advancing Latino school administrators in order to improve the educational accomplishments of Latino youth. 

 Regional Organizations

AZALAS Arizona Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents
The Arizona Hispanic School Administrators Association has been in existence since 1988
 and members include administrators and teachers from throughout Arizona.  AHSAA’s mission is to promote leadership, unity, and mentorship for Hispanic educators and students.  To that end, AHSAA is committed to improving the quality of education and ensuring excellence and equity in education for all students in Arizona.

CALSA – California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators
CALSA is a community of educational leaders whose mission is working to increase the number of successful Latino/Latina administrators, committed to closing the Latino/Latina student achievement gap.  CALSA will achieve its mission by, advocating on behalf of Latino children, providing mentoring opportunities for professional development and career enhancement.

GALAS Georgia Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents

The Georgia Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (GALAS) was formed in 2012 with the goal of establishing an organization committed to identifying and developing school leaders to improve the educational outcomes of Latino students in Georgia. A small group of dedicated administrators throughout the Metro Atlanta area began the task of developing the Vision, Mission, goals, and bylaws for the organization. GALAS became an official state affiliate in the fall of 2014.

OALA – Oregon Association of Latino Administrators

OALA was created as a vehicle to support and mentor Latino Administrators as well as Latino educators who aspire to become administrators in the State of Oregon.

ALAS de Nuevo Mexico 
 Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents de Nuevo Mexico
OALike its parent organization, the mission of ALAS de Nuevo México is to advocate for public education by inspriing and cultivating the development and promotion of Hispano/Latino educational leaders for the benefit of all students.
TALAS  Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents
 The Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (TALAS) is beginning its first year as a state association for the identification, recruitment, development and advancement of Latino school administrators in order to improve public education in general for all students with an emphasis on improving the educational and career opportunities of Latino youth.
SFL-ALAS  South Florida Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents
SFL-ALAS provides a venue for educational professionals to discuss the needs of our diverse community in order to better serve the Latino students who attend Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach county schools.


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CO-ALAS is a professional education association that advocates for the continued development and placement of Latino/Latina administrators who are committed to quality public education for all students.


PO Box 13109
Denver, CO 80201